Why do only Facebook fans have access to Victoriana Magazine free downloads?

Victoriana.Com has  been online since 1996 and for years provided free downloads of antique ebooks to anyone who came to our site. Sorry to say, but the internet has changed drastically and many now take advantage of sites, such as ours, that only wish to share an interest or passion for a subject with others.

There are sites online now that automatically “harvest” and generate links to pdfs, no matter what the subject and post them as their own. Over 10,000 downloads of our ebook titles were accessed from sites such as these in one month alone, which is a bandwidth problem. At first we were forced to remove all the ebooks from the site, but now, by “hiding” the link in a protected area such as Facebook, we can limit this over-use and again share these items. This is the easiest way to share our passion for the 19th century and deal with this pirating issue.

Did you know that you can explore the Victoriana Magazine Facebook page, including our photo albums and videos without joining? You only need to become a fan for the free downloads. Our Facebook page has over 7,000 fans who enjoy access to free downloads which include several ebooks, crafts, cards, prints, paper dolls, and stationary.